No deposit is required to begin your custom challenge coin order, just a completed order form. No charges will be made until you approve the final coin design.

When you are ready to begin the artwork process of making a custom coin, complete an order form in the link below and fax the completed form to 623-266-7318, or you can scan and email a copy to

Please click on the link below and print an order form.
-   ORDER FORM (Credit Card)
   ORDER FORM (Credit Card - HTML)

-   ORDER FORM (EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer)

        EFT is a draft directly from the checking account, no need to send a check!
-   ORDER FORM (Online Checkout for Challenge Coins)

Make checks and money orders payable to:
Mail a copy of the order form along with the check, no Credit Card information is needed when payment is made this way.

Government IMPAC Card
Government Purchase/ Impac Card



Official PayPal Seal
(To pay through Paypal, click on the verified seal. Please verify via email the correct amount to submit.)
GSA Smart Pay Card
GSA Smart Pay


Money Order

Purchase Orders

EFT - (Electronic Funds Transfer)


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