challenge coin features


Make your challenge coin stand out from the rest!
South Korean made Custom Challenge Coins have some limitations
Features below are for China made challenge coins

pricing effective as of January 2015
Hard Enamel
Flush-Finsh with color
per side
hard enamel
Heat-Changing Paint*
Just like a mood ring, it changes through a variety of colors
per side
heat changing
Glow in the Dark Paint $0.25
per color/
per side
glow in the dark
Glitter Paint
Choose from a wide variety of colors
per color/
per side
glitter paint
Transparent Paint
16 colors to choose from
per color/
per side
transparent paint
Pearlescent Paint
Mix with any color! The example shows different colors, this paint does not change colors, (see heat changing paint)
per color/
per side
pearlescent paint
24K Gold Plating
per coin
24K gold plating
Two-Tone Plating
Silver, gold or nickel plating on other metal finishes (shiny on shiny or antique on antique)
per coin
shiny metal

antique metal

Laser Engraving/Edge Text
Personalize each coin with names or other changing information, used on any flat surface of metal, face or the small edge on the coin, also known as the third side. Special numbering for scrambled lists.
per eighteen
laser engraving
Sequential Numbering
Laser engraved numerals
per four characters
sequential numbering
For shiny metal coins only
one side

both sides
Key Chains
May require new die if making coins
per coin
Small areas cut out of the inside of the coin
$25.00 set up fee per hole
per coin
(unlimited holes)
hole cut-outs
Rope Edge
2D or 3D, 2D is free
per side
(3D only)
rope edge
Diamond Cut Edge
Twist, Flat, Petal or Weave
These edges can only be created on round coins!
per coin
flat DCE
petal DCE
twist DCE
weave DCE
Reeded Edge
Like a quarter or dimes edge
This edge can only be created on round coins!
per coin
reeded edge
*Epoxy (Is it necessary)
Clear finish, must be used in combination with silk-screening, heat-changing paint and photographic printing
per side
For small detail too fine to paint
$25.00 set up fee/per color
per coin/
per color
Photographic Printing *
Process offset lithography printing
$100.00 set up fee/per side
(100 minimum order/reorder, no sample option)
per side
photographic printing
Plastic Coin Capsule
Present your coins in a protective case.
1.56" (no foam ring)
1.75 and 2" capsules
w/ white or black foam ring

(Capsules available up to 2.5", price TBD upon request) Minimum order of 25
per capsule
plastic coin capsule
Velveteen Box
Choose from: red, blue or black
Minimum order of 25
(for coin sizes: 1.56", 1.75", 2")
velveteen coin presentation box
Custom Velveteen Box
(To hold more than 1 coin and for sizes larger or smaller than listed above)
Choose from: red, blue or black
Minimum order of 100
upon request
Custom Wooden Box
Choose from: cherry only
Minimum order of 100
upon request
Velour Pouch w/ Drawstring
Choose from: a wide variety of colors
Minimum order of 100
velour pouch
Coin Sleeve
Clear plastic flip top sleeve
1.56", 1.75" and 2" coins only
FREE! coin sleeve
Available for velveteen boxes and velour pouches.
Minimum order of 100
upon request

Here are some coin textures that require 3D for the challenge coin die fee.

Custom Challenge Coin Textures

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