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"Let our Coin Designers,
Make Your Commemorative
Coin Ideas, Coinable."


Your coin ideas, tailored, customized and personalized,
to your exact needs and desires.
Custom coin making!


Woodland Park, CO

Place of coin manufacturing is your choice,
see below for USA
made coins.
Most coins are China made, or

South Korean made/Military Coins

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Challenge Coin Sleeve


For each custom challenge coin ordered
a coin sleeve: 1.56", 1.75" and 2" sizes only

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Bottle Opener Coins
Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Bottle Opener Coins
Bottle Opener Coins

Custom coins designed and manufactured with

Challenge Coins, Retirement Coins, Coins of Excellence, Unit Coins, Military Coins, Thank You Coins, Business Card Coins & Commander's Coins.
We can make any idea possible from metal: Coins, medallions, interesting bottle openers, medals, badges and more. Coins are a great incentive!

Custom Shaped Coins

Our new custom challenge coin display case offers a quick view of challenge coins, lapel pins, and more!

When rows of two appear, coins on the
left are China made and on the right
South Korean made coins.

There is one single row of USA made coins.

Custom Challenge Coins | Custom Coins | Custom Bottle Opener Coins | Medallions | Key Chains | Lapel Pins and more! Huge Coin Display Case

Lapel Pins
Lapel Pins
Ball Markers
Tokens of Appreciation

Custom Shaped Coins


Challenge coins are often referred to as:
military coins, unit coins, command coins, recognition coins, coins of excellence, commemorative coins, tokens of appreciation,
service coins, veteran coins, organization coins, safety coins, appreciation coins & custom coins.

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Design a coin, one side with 3D high relief metal, the other side with photographic printing. The left Challenge Coin is Antique Silver, opposite you will find just the outer edge is antique silver. Photographic printing is offset lithography. Simply a sticker, stuck to a custom coin blank. The surface of the coin is flat to allow for the sticker and application of epoxy. Epoxy is required to protect the sticker. The 3D high relief coin is electroplated. Kept safely: plastic capsule, velveteen box, RF sleeve. Normal wear does not include key usage, coins with paint take a beating.
Epoxy , Hard Enamel, and or No Soft Enamel Paint is required for full production.

Challenge Coins made from a photograph
The effect shown in the picture above is merely an overlay of the photograph on the actual coin to show how the detail is portrayed in copper.
is the base metal used for 3D coins and also for Shiny and Antique Copper Coins.

Custom Coin to send to the manufacturer

Challenge Coins are often used for: Rewards, Awards, Milestones, Anniversary, Keepsake, Promotional Coins, Recognition Coins,
Camaraderie, Fundraiser's, Gifts, Business Cards & Memberships, a coin carries a lot of meaning, value.

Custom Coins - Military Coins - Custom Challenge Coins - Challenge Coins


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Custom Coins

Challenge Coins are great custom coins, make military coins for your business.
A great way to thank our troops and soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday, coins honor those who serve.
Put your custom logo onto a coin, corporate logo, personal logo
Then you have a custom metal logo to share with your friends, great for social networking!

Custom Challenge Coins      Challenge Coins
The coin above has great 3D detail.
Green transparent paint was utilzed, as well as epoxy.
Coins were numbered for each guest!

personalized custom coin maker, commemorative coins, make business card coins, command coins, custom challenge coins, military challenge coins

Bottle Opener Coins

Challenge Coins

Custom Coins

Military Coins

Variables in manufacturing custom challenge coins?

RUSH Production, NO sample, WITH sample

Quantity | Size & Shape | Metal Finish | Additional Features

Up to 200mm or 7.87" - Die Cast Made Challenge Coins

4" for Die Struck Custom Challenge Coins.

2D Custom Challenge Coin Designs
2D Custom Challenge Coins

3D Custom Challenge Coin Designs
3D Custom Challenge Coins


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Military Challenge Coins - Commemorative Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

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Frequently Asked Questions
challenge coins | bottle opener coins | special shape coins | custom coins | promotional coin | military challenge coins | custom challenge coins | military coins

Challenge Coins are made in a similar fashion to high quality coins USA made coins with less labor involved to make the challenge coin dies. After the coinable artwork is created, the vector artwork is sent to a die maker. The die making process is all done by CNC (Computer Numeric Control,) die cutting is becoming more standard. CNC is rendered in a 3D coin making software program. From cutting the 3D designs directly into the master mold to the text. Challenge coins are only struck one time. Custom Challenge Coins are cheaper to make because they use either brass or copper as a base metal. The labor or additional production time comes from the different features that are above a basic coin. A basic challenge coin would be 1.56 inch (40mm,) 3mm thick, with a choice of metal finish. From there the additional options are added by hand. Coin dies are kept on file for 3 years, after a non ordering period they are recycled. There is no additional die charge or insurance charge. We remake the coin dies if they are recycled. Diamond cut edges are made by machine, it is hand turned. Making coins is now made simple.

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Custom Military Challenge Coins



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Half Dollar & Dollar Coin! is not affiliated with the Department of Defense or any
Military Service. Military Service Use of logos, trademarks, etc., are for representational purposes of our creative and artistic work, and creation process for the making of custom coins.
Affiliation, nor support, for any institution should be implied, or derived from any images found within this web site.
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